"Dr. Amber Brooks, DC has been an integral part of a first responder best practices program for police departments in special needs with my organization. She has brought a tremendous overall vision and depth of understanding in autism and special needs. Dr. Brooks, DC is an exemplary individual that I hold in the highest regard. Her advocacy for those less fortunate is admirable, she has saved lives, given meaning in life to those that are hurt, and has made the world a safer and better place for autistic children and families. Everyone would like to think that his or her life had touched so many. Dr. Brooks, DC is an angel sent from heaven."

- Chad Mooney, Chairman and CEO Spectrum Sports Inc.

"Dr. Brooks, DC is professional, easy to work with, and passionate about helping people. Also, she possesses a very relaxed yet confident presentation style and easily engages the viewers. Her knowledge, compassion, and confidence make her an ideal presenter for workshops, seminars and conferences."

- Jay Espaillat, AutismSpot

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you about Dr. Amber Brooks, DC. In short, she is a go-getter, dynamic, and very personable. We were delighted to add her session to the conference. Participants all had positive comments to share, such as “Awesome presenter! Great materials” and those who completed our conference evaluative survey for her session all recommended her for the following year’s conference. More than anything, I was struck by her personality. She is upbeat, energetic, and seems to make those around her comfortable with her presence. She is easy to talk to, whether the discussion is one of personal or professional matters. I have even requested recommendations from Dr. Brooks, DC for my own health concerns. The holistic approach to health should be embraced by the larger medical community. She was a wonderful asset to our Autism Conference, and I know she is changing the lives of her clients in her practice at Whole Child Wellness."

- Jessica Dunn, Chair Autism Conference Texoma

"Dr. Brooks, DC brings a tremendous credibility to our organization and knowledge that is incredible! She is able to explain things to the layman or in a very scientific way that appeals to the audience. Dr. Brooks, DC is not only knowledgeable, but her level of care for the patient and making a huge difference in the lives of children, parents and family is paramount. What I enjoy most about being around her is what I learn; she is excellent in every way!"

- Maynon Ballow, Clinical Nutritionist for Designs for Health

"Dr. Brooks, DC has a very high standard of care and dedication when it comes to her patients. She is a talented chiropractor when it comes to both genders and all ages, but her true passion for the profession comes out when she works with the pediatric population. I saw how she was invigorated by the Autism conference she attended last year, and in general, how she thrives on continual self education and sharing what she has learned with other professionals, such as myself, and her patients. Our mutual patients often expressed openly how much they love Dr. Brooks, DC as both their, and their children’s, chiropractor."

- Dr. Jennifer Mlnarik, ND



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