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Medication Intervention

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     Dr. Amber Brooks has completed her Masters in Science of Nursing. Her next step will be to take her boards to become a Nurse Practitioner. As a Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Amber Brooks, DC, MSN, CACCP, BCIP, RN will be able to treat her patients in a holistic approach which may include using the medication if necessary.  She is able to better serve her patients by ordering, performing, and interpret medical tests—including radiology and blood tests. She also has full prescribing privileges.

     Medications are heavily researched and tested before being prescribed to patients, but may have unanticipated effects when combined with certain foods, herbal remedies or other drugs. This is Dr. Brooks, DC, MSN, CACCP, BCIP, RN last puzzle piece to create a  fully comprehensive approach to pediatric wellness and allowing her to see patients as their primary care medical provider.

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