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Nutritional Supplements

After years of seeing children suffer from key nutrient deficiencies due to poor diet, undernourishment, picky eating, and digestive malabsorption. Parents and their doctors are faced with these multifaceted issues as we continue to see an increase in children with food allergies, weak immune systems, asthma, anxiety, developmental delays, eczema, stress, mood disorders, trouble with attention/focus and many with weak detoxification capability. Some of the common themes in all these children are nutrient & digestive issues.



After hundreds of studies and her own analysis of thousands of children, Dr. Brooks, DC, MSN, CACCP, BCIP, RN has reached the point of certainty that proper nutritional supplementation, diet modification and elimination of underlying issues is the most effective strategy for improving and maintaining greater health outcomes for children. The simplest strategy is to add high-quality supplements to significantly improve mental, physical and emotional function. Our mission is to provide the best in quality and bioavailability to ensure the best wellness and healing in each child.

Videos about Nutritional Supplements

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