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Through the years I have learned to list

“Jace is doing incredibly well!!!! He is off ALL medications and is a completely different child. He is sleeping better, he is calmer, he allergy free, he is potty trained again and his vocabulary has exploded. We are following the recommendations that Dr. Brooks set out for him regarding diet and supplements. We have him on a diet that is gluten, casein, dye, preservative free and he is thriving. I am thankful for Dr. Brooks and for the time she spent with us explaining what we could do to help Jace get healthier!” 


Jace, Age 3

“I was one of those tired mothers that was sick of hearing the same old thing and getting no answers. So, like most people I searched for an answer and I found Dr. Brooks. My daughter and her hit it off from the start and I felt as if someone was finally listening to me, not patting me on the back as they pushed me out the door. Lauren had some behavior issues which the school made me aware of all to often, picky eating, bed wetting, complaints of stomach pain, poor immune system, eczema on her legs, arms and back as well as back pain. The logical choice for me was to find a chiropractor for this pain she kept complaining about and of course I wanted someone who saw children, THEN I realized she could help us with everything. I did urine, stool and blood work immediately and I was shocked to find out she had IgE allergies to milk and wheat making this change to a gluten free, casein free diet a life-saver. Do you think in her 6 years of all those appointments anyone made food a correlation for me or even suggested it? NOPE. Lauren is doing fantastic and we still have some minor things to work on but I have every confidence we will get through this and all of this will be a distant memory.” 



Lauren, Age 6

“At my daughter’s 6 month pediatrician visit I was informed she had Torticollis. I began to research and found Dr. Brooks. We had our first visit and on that visit Dr. Brooks informed me of her other delays I had not been notified about including her inability to roll over, sit up, hold objects like her bottle, reach above her head, and hold up her head. In addition upon exam she noticed Emma’s eyes were not even and she was spitting up her food while feeding. Of course we began CST immediately and by the 2nd week of care Emma was rolling over and holding her head up, she was not lagging her head as much and seemed more active. By the 4th week her torticollis was gone, she was holding her own bottle, sitting up alone, holding her head straight up and her eyes were looking more even. We are thrilled and although we are not done with care she has made such large strides on a short period of time. I am so thankful we found her and fixed this problem before she continued to get worse.” 


Emma, Age 6 months

“My son was diagnosed PDD-NOS at 2yoa. He was also struggling with sleep, speech, eczema, constipation, self-stimulatory behaviors and was compulsively eating and vomiting for no reason. We have been to several doctors and I decided to do research and went to a meeting where I heard Dr. Brooks speak. We have seen great success and it started early. After a month he began talking up a storm and slept in his own bed for the first time ever! He was dialoguing with me, asking me questions and having a conversation. Now, he is very bright and I knew he was capable but his reading and language are incredible. His compulsive eating also stopped after about 6 weeks in care with her as well as improvements socially. His bowel movements normalized and he was not having the large volume, explosive episodes anymore. I remember when he began to be interested in foods he would have NEVER eaten previous and I soon realized his picky eating days were over. We went to camp this summer for the first time and he had a great time. I continue to see improvements all around and I am thankful to have him. This whole experience has made me a better parent and person. I tell any and everyone who will listen about the possibilities and hope that Dr. Brooks provides. Parents often speak of doing “whatever it takes” to make a child whole and happy. Comments about my son’s social and behavioral improvements at home and at school really make me feel like I am doing everything I can to make his life more enjoyable.” 


Decatur, Age 5

“Nicholas is on the spectrum and was suffering from reflux, insomnia, sinus infections, yeast, ear infections, Pettit mal seizures, and constipation. He was also non-verbal and non-responsive, as well as violent at times. After meeting Dr. Brooks I decided to take him to see her to find out what was really going on inside his body. It has been a tough road for us and I am happy to report he is healthy, sleeping better, more attentive, more focused, having normal bowel movements 2-3 daily, no reflux, having fewer seizures, singing and talking!!! This summer he attended a 9-week swim class successfully. Last week he walked into see Dr. Brooks and said “hi”, we both were so thrilled.” 


Nicholas, Age 3

“My daughter was just 3 years old when her vaginal infections (yeast) began occurring about twice monthly and of course we tried all the topical creams, powders, and instructions given to us by our pediatrician who said this was normal and she “saw it all the time” so of course I trusted it would go away. Fast forward 3 years and she is a vivacious 6 year old still having infections but now she cries in pain, will not leave our home without the arsenal of creams and things she depends on to keep her discomfort at bay which, has obviously interfered with her wanting to attend events and blossom socially. She was also diagnosed with SPD and I got her name from my mom group and decided we would try to go see her for any recommendations. It soon became obvious that her picky eating, SPD, stomach aches and occasional attention issues were all related to this yeast infection brewing inside her entire body. She wasted no time, we did testing and within about 2 weeks she began to have a lessening of pain. Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP had us keep a chart of her bowel movements, when she used cream and her pain overall. This was tough for me as a mom because having all these changes although they help is just frustrating but we kept the course and she helped us through every step. I am elated to report we went to Disney World which would have NEVER happened and she is as close to perfect as she can be. We stay the course with some supplements and diet changes but now that she is 7 she understands how all this affects her body. We are thankful someone finally listened and figured out what was happening inside her body.” 


-Sydney, Age 7

“We went to see Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP when she was 3 months old for reflux and abnormal bowel movements but after the visit we realized we had to address some digestive issues as well. Some minor changes were made to her formula for her comfort. she did Craniosacral Therapy which helped with her reflux, sleep and overall mood. I was a bit apprehensive about the Cranioscaral Therapy but when I saw the results and how gentle it was my fears vanished. She is now a comfortable happy baby.” 

Lillie, Age 3 months

“We struggled with our daughter's immune system for a long time, she was sick for months at a time not to mention the dozens of ear infections. I am happy to say since seeing Dr. Brooks, DC, CACCP she has not had an infection for almost a year now. Thank you for being so loving to Taylor and believing in her, with our awesome team our child is blooming.” 

— Taylor, Age 10

"My wife found Dr. Brooks online and traveled from Houston to Dallas to meet her sometimes in 2017. I was initially skeptical but you cannot fight results. Our son has experienced phenomenal improvement since and we believe God has used her to assist us to understand the journey better. It is a process but we are glad we are no longer where we were before meeting her.

— K.  Ayodeji

“I took my son to see Dr. Brooks for help with his delayed speech, constipation, picky eating/poor nutrition to name a few. He has not been diagnosed on the spectrum but I noticed he lost engagement in November 2009. After running tests, doing some diet changes and adding supplements he has had gains in language, normal bowel movements and has been able to focus and stay still. Also, he is eating and sleeping well and our school has reported he seems clearer.” 

Travis, Age 2