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Immune Disorders and Autism: Is this a root cause?

Most families have done enough research or attended enough conferences to realize that autism is not a shear genetic issue, although the Wall Street Journal recently did a story about the genetic link. The NY Times did a story about immune disorders and their link to autism in August 2012. A larger number of children are found to have inflammatory issues beginning in infancy and continuing on throughout development yielding the results of a diagnosis later. This immune problem is often referred to as “immune dysregulation” and can begin very young, this inflammation infiltrates the digestive system making its way to the brain over time and showing us a problem for example, speech delay. Many families seek biomedical care out for their child because this focuses on healing from the inside out and ridding the body of the inflammation.

Whether this is the root cause or not most of the children I have seen throughout the years have had some type of immune issue at some point. They call it the “autism spectrum” for a reason; the variations of autism are so different. Each child presents their symptoms differently and to varying degrees. It is best to get an assessment to see what needs to be done and what road is best to travel. As we delve into cold and flu season it is a good idea to support the immune system, get with your doctor for specific recommendations.


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