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Sensory Cravings

Most parents even those that are unaware struggle with sensory issues if they have a child on the spectrum. A sensory craver is one that looks for sensory input, craving the sensation it gives them. As a result behaviors may ensue that are less than obvious to parents. I wanted to give a short red flag list I read for parents to refer to, in hopes this may help you identify needs your children have and get help.

  • Visual: likes flashing lights, spinning objects, prefers TV/video games

  • Auditory: uses loud voice, makes background noises, and enjoys noisy places

  • Taste: licks or chews nonfood objects; bites on objects; smells people, animals and objects

  • Vestibular: Likes to spin or swing, engages in fast activities, likes to be held upside down

  • Proprioception: obsessive jumping, crashing and pushing into or against things; prefers tight fitted clothing, grinds teeth and enjoys wearing layered clothing.

  • Tactile: unable to stop touching, feels textures, mouths or bites objects

It is critical your child be diagnosed properly and that the clinician is looking at these sensory issues if they are an issue. Studies have shown that 40% of those children diagnosed with ADHD also have SPD (Sensory processing disorder) and vice-versa. I always suggest getting an evaluation by a qualified Occupational Therapist whom has training and experiences with SPD to help you not only diagnose them but design proper therapy. I see many children that have had the SPD diagnosis missed and this can be terrible for a child to have to cope with unsupported. When I have a child with SPD I always treat with CranioSacral Therapy, this has proven to help them immensely and it continues to be my treatment of choice along with proper OT.

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Dr. Amber Brooks FNP, CACCP, BCIP,

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